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Sep 21

The Excellence of Landscape Design in Denver

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES ------------------------------------------------ Some Benefits of a Custom Designed Landscape: Increasing the resale... Learn more

Sep 07

Denver Quality Landscape Design

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES ------------------------------------------------ Composting: Fall Leaves Fall leaves are a valuable resource because they... Learn more

Aug 24

Expert Landscape Design of Denver

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES ------------------------------------------------ Bulbs: Summer Flowering Plants with a variety of underground food... Learn more

Aug 12

Denver Landscape Design

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Butterfly Gardens To create a butterfly garden, you must provide a suitable habitat for an entire growing season. A... Learn more

Jul 28

Design & Build Landscapes

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES --------------------------------------------- CORONADO, Red Hyssop Brilliant crimson and maroon spires are produced over... Learn more

Jul 14

Denver Custom Landscape Design

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Commonly Used Plant Terms Annual -- Plants that grow, flower, and die in one growing season. Marigolds, cosmos and zinnia... Learn more

Jun 30

Custom Landscape Design

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Xeriscape Trees & Shrubs There are few true xeriscape-type trees, and a few more xeriscape-type shrubs. Grasslands... Learn more

Jun 16

Denver Landscape Designers

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Native Plants for the Rocky Mountains Heartleaf Arnica (Arnica cordifolia) This aster has two to four pairs of heart-... Learn more

Jun 01

Landscape Designing

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Denver Custom Landscape Design & Construction Native Plants Native plants are greatly beneficial for landscaping due... Learn more

May 20

Denver Custom Landscape Design

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Xeriscape Experts Xeriscaping and xerogardening are terms used to describe landscape practices that conserve the use of... Learn more


Design & Build

We carry you through the process from conceptual design to your dream.

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Xeriscape Experts

We have been aware of, and practicing, xeriscape concepts from the start. 

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Sprinkler Service

We can maintain your system to keep your yard looking its best.

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  • "Thank you for a fantastic job done on our landscape!"

    - R.C. & E.C. - Arvada

  • "We have received so many wonderful compliments regarding the work you planned - and carried out"

    - SG & KF - Lakewood

  • "We really appreciate the quality work your crew performed on the landscaping around our home. They all seemed to have the desire to do an excellent job."

    - B.S. & C.M. - Littleton

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Apr 11

Garden 2020 Home and Garden Show

Please have a look at pictures of our Garden 2020 Home and Garden Show at Colorado Convention Center   


May 24

Autumn Gold Special

Ask about our "Tree for a Lead" program. When your referral turns into a new client for us, we'll buy you a tree or give a gift card.