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One average-size plant can help purify up to 100 cubic feet of air. As many of you are aware, plants give off oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They are also wonderful air purifiers—one average-size plant can help purify up to 100 cubic feet of air. It seems obvious that the more plants you have in your home, the cleaner your air will be. This is an even better idea for those of you in the northern climates. Winter means sealing your house against the cold and drafts of the brutal winter winds. The air can get a little stale; so several well-placed houseplants can really help.

There are also the psychological benefits of being surrounded by living houseplants. They can have a relaxing effect on people, and provide you a chance to keep exercising your 'green thumb'. Depending on the variety you pick, they can add to the overall décor of your home. Many plants have multi-colored leaves and some even produce flowers while indoors. Your interior environment can be aesthetically pleasing while providing a comfortable, relaxed feeling. It will require some thought on your part to choose plants that will fit the location that you select for them.

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  • "Thank you for a fantastic job done on our landscape!"

    - R.C. & E.C. - Arvada

  • "We have received so many wonderful compliments regarding the work you planned - and carried out"

    - SG & KF - Lakewood

  • "We really appreciate the quality work your crew performed on the landscaping around our home. They all seemed to have the desire to do an excellent job."

    - B.S. & C.M. - Littleton

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