Some of the Many Ways to Design your Landscaping

Using Rocks and Boulders Properly in Landscape Design

No matter where I am, either driving around the neighborhood near my home, or traveling across the country, I see the same mistake made with putting rocks and boulders into a landscape design over and over again.

It's almost unbelievable the number of "professional" landscape design companies, landscape contractors, and homeowners, that just don't know how to place rocks correctly into a garden or landscape.

The good news is, it's really easy. So to help you avoid the most common mistakes, here is a list for you to follow:

1. Don't just place rocks on top of the ground. No matter how nice a rock you have, it will look fake and out of place if you just let it sit on top of the soil.

2. Bury the rock at least 1/4 to 1/2 way into the ground. It's more natural this way. If you look out in nature, big massive rocks look as though they are peeking out of the ground, and it's because they are. Time has washed off the soil level to reveal the rocks underneath. So do the same with yours.

3. Rocks have sides. Put the flat part facing upwards, it makes it look old, sturdy, and weather beaten this way.

4. Unless the rock is huge and can stand alone on its own, group rocks and boulders in odd numbers: 3, 5, 7, etc. Nature seldom happens in even pairs, so again, pay attention to how nature does it.

If you follow these four simple steps, any rock or boulder you decide to put into your garden design is going to look like it is a natural part of the landscape and not just an appendage that was thrown on top at the last minute looking out of place.


Using Patio Furniture in Landscape Design

This month is part 1 of our 6-part series to help you create the perfect patio living space for you to enjoy year-round.

When incorporating a patio area into your landscape design, just like any other area, you need to consider the style or kind of design your backyard or garden area has, or will have when you're done.

Part 1: Using Patio Furniture In A Landscape

Metal, Wood, Bamboo, Wicker, Aluminum, Concrete, Cast Iron, Wrought-Iron, Plastic

And it comes in different layouts such as:

Benches, Chairs, Tables

Patio Dining Sets, Sectionals, Bar Tables, Chaise Lounges, Porch Swings, Hammocks

It sounds simple, but choosing furniture, whether indoors or out, can be hard because there are so many criteria such as: materials, style. comfort, and space.

When choosing a style of patio furniture, make sure it matches the materials of your landscape and your home. For example patio furniture comes in different materials such as: French, Italian, Modern, Contemporary, Painted, Custom

Five Key Tips To Help You Choose

So which combination of the above would best suit your backyard or patio area? Here are five key tips on how to do just that!

1. Make It An Extension of Your Home

The whole idea here is to make your backyard an extension of your home with outdoor furniture. You, your friends and family will be much more inclined to go outside and relax if there is a comfortable outdoor living area.

2. Use Your Space Wisely

When choosing your outdoor furniture take into account your space. It's important to buy furniture that's appropriate for your backyard.

Smaller spaces should not be over crowded with large dining sets. If you have a large area and you entertain often then a dining set and bar would be a fun choice.

Hammocks are great for children and lounge chairs are a necessity for lying by the pool.

3. Is It Comfortable?

Another important thing to consider is comfort. Is comfort important to you? If it is, then it is important to buy furniture with cushions, chairs that swivel, gliding chaise lounges, etc.

4. Match Your Style

Another consideration is what does your house and yard look like? Outdoor furniture should reflect the style of your house. Do you live in an old colonial style home or a more modern home?

Wrought iron furniture is great for older homes while a modern home may look better with a more architecturally unique or aesthetically interesting piece.

5. Don't Forget Color!

What is the color scheme of your house and landscape? Do you like more natural earth tones, or do you like more attention getting colors such as red or yellow?

If you do prefer a more natural furniture piece made out of wood, then add in some colorful throw pillows or cushions to give you an effective splash of color here and there.

Also keep mind that with color you can pick up existing colors in your landscape to help tie the furniture to everything else, making it look as though it all belongs together for an aesthetically pleasing whole.

Enjoy Your Patio!

Many homeowners spend countless amounts of time and money building and designing a beautiful backyard but tend to enjoy it from the windows of their home!

Outdoor patio furniture, when chosen correctly, allows you to enjoy your backyard, relax after a hard day, or watch the sunset.


Your design ideas and the expertise of a professional will create a new and wonderful home expansion outdoors, for help with your landscape design please check out our website by clicking right here.


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