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Now Hiring Landscape Labor
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Some of the Many Ways to Design your Landscap…

Using Rocks and Boulders Properly in Landscape Design No matter where I am, either driving around the neighborhood near my home, or traveling… Learn more

Dry Area and Drought Friendly Landscaping

Many residents and businesses have replaced high water use lawns with more drought friendly options, helping to conserve water during the severe… Learn more

Some Houseplants Ideas for the Winter Months

Zebra Plant The zebra plant is a member of a large plant family that is native to Brazil, which, in its native habitat, grows into upright… Learn more

Plant Identification -Binomial Nomenclature

Carl Linnaeus was an eighteenth century botanist who introduced the world to a method of naming plants called the binomial nomenclature system.… Learn more

Hobby Greenhouses: Construction & Foundat…

Greenhouses can be prefabricated or erected from raw materials, and the variety of shapes, sizes, and construction details offer endless… Learn more

Indoor Plant Time in Winter Months

Re-blooming Christmas Cactus One of the most popular houseplants, Christmas cactus is a great way to add a burst of color indoors during dreary… Learn more

Considerations for Indoor Herb Garden

Do you want herbs year-round? Plant an indoor, winter, herb garden. Select a container that will hold several plants with similar water… Learn more

Feeding Your Indoor Plants

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Denver, Colorado ------------------------------------------------ Houseplants: Temperature… Learn more

Quality Landscape Design in Denver

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES ------------------------------------------------ Some fall landscape helpers: Add a layer of mulch or organic matter to… Learn more