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Nov 11

Denver Landscape Design

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Christmas cactus A Christmas cactus is a colorful addition to houseplant collections and is easy to care for. Christmas... Learn more

Oct 29

Denver Designed Landscapes/Construction and...

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Narbonne blue flax (Linum narbonense) is a Mediterranean form of blue flax that is much more long-lived and fuller than... Learn more

Oct 14

Denver Design/Build/ Xeriscape Experts/...

Autumn Gold Landscapes Seed Storage: When storing seeds for the future, be aware that different types of seeds should be stored under different... Learn more

Sep 30

Denver Landscaping Design, Build and...

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Why leaves change color in the fall What causes leaf color to change from green to yellow or red in the fall? It's a... Learn more

Sep 16

Denver Landscapes, Building, Designing and...

Autumn Gold Landscapes Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Winter Prepare your sprinkler system for winter by expelling all the water from the... Learn more

Sep 03

Denver Landscape Design/Landscape...

Autumn Gold Landscapes Fall-Planted Bulbs and Corms There is a direct correlation between the size of a bulb and the size of the flower grown... Learn more

Aug 19

“Denver Landscape Maintenance, Build and...

AUTUMN GOLD LANDSCAPES Landscape design is an independent profession and a design and art tradition, practiced by landscape designers, combining... Learn more

Aug 06

“Denver Designing Landscapes/Xeriscape...

Autumn Gold Landscapes Xeriscape Experts We have been aware of and have practiced xeriscape concepts from the start.  Creating a beautiful space... Learn more

Jul 22

“Denver Landscape/ Design, Construction and...

Autumn Gold Landscapes With over 50 yrs. of expertise in landscaping construction and horticulture at Autumn Gold Landscapes we know how to help... Learn more

Jul 08

“Denver Designing, Building and Maintaining...

Autumn Gold Landscapes "We Listen! - It's all about your vision" We have over 60 years combined experience with both certified landscape... Learn more


Design & Build

We carry you through the process from conceptual design to your dream.

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Xeriscape Experts

We have been aware of, and practicing, xeriscape concepts from the start. 

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Sprinkler Service

We can maintain your system to keep your yard looking its best.

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  • "Thank you for a fantastic job done on our landscape!"

    - R.C. & E.C. - Arvada

  • "We have received so many wonderful compliments regarding the work you planned - and carried out"

    - SG & KF - Lakewood

  • "We really appreciate the quality work your crew performed on the landscaping around our home. They all seemed to have the desire to do an excellent job."

    - B.S. & C.M. - Littleton

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Feb 15

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We have participated in the exhibition Home and Gaden Show at Colorado Convention Center.  


May 24

Autumn Gold Special

Ask about our "Tree for a Lead" program. When your referral turns into a new client for us, we'll buy you a tree or give a gift card.